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Morguard Donation Gives Old Appliances New Homes

Recent renovations to 1643 Josephine, a residential property located in the Garden District in New Orleans, Louisiana, were done to modernize the building and improve the space for the community with sustainability as a top priority. Part of the plan included donating the old appliances to charity.

Appliances were given to the local affiliate of Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit helping build and improve homes for those in need, as well as The Green Project, which educates and promotes a culture of creative reuse through affordable materials.

The team made a significant investment in energy efficiency within the building, including replacing old appliances. Changes include:

  • Replaced all appliances with Energy Star rated options
  • Installed individual HVAC and domestic hot water heaters in suites
  • Replaced all building lighting with energy efficient LED lights, including hallways and interior suites
  • Energy efficient heater for the pool and saltwater system was installed
  • A new PVC 60-mil membrane was installed in the roof to reduce long-term maintenance costs
  • Windows and amenity areas also received a makeover

These updates as well as contributing to these organizations to improve the lives of the surrounding communities represents a continuation of our community support and sustainability priorities while keeping the three R’s of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle top-of-mind.