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Lawson Heights Wins BOMA Regina Silver Earth Award

Morguard is thrilled to announce that Lawson Heights Mall in Saskatoon, SK has been awarded the BOMA Regina Earth Award, Enclosed Shopping Centre – Silver for their amazing sustainability efforts. The BOMA Earth Awards recognizes excellence in resource preservation and environmentally sound commercial building management.

“We are very grateful to receive this award in recognition of our ongoing efforts towards environmental and sustainable excellence,” said Tammy Abbott, Operations Manager, Lawson Heights Mall. “The BOMA Regina Earth Award highlights our commitment to strong property management and quality conservation practices. These qualities are especially needed during these times when individuals want to be reassured that the places they are entering are expertly maintained.”

This award demonstrates the dedication of the Lawson Heights team and their ability to work effectively with tenants and guests towards the common goal of environmental stewardship.

Key programs and features at the property include:

  • Donating old building materials to Habitat for Humanity
  • Converting lighting to low-energy LEDs
  • Cleaning/ maintenance tools and equipment are mainly rechargeable battery operated.
  • Promoting the use of public transportation.
  • Sensor-initiated irrigation system
  • Cleaning supplies are environmentally friendly
  • Use of environmentally preferable fertilizers and weed control.
  • Introduction of green bins

As a winner of the regional BOMA Earth Award, Lawson Heights Mall is eligible to enter the BOMA Canada National Awards. Congratulations to the Lawson Heights team!

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