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Morguard and its Bees Make Donation to GTA-Based Charities

Bees play a crucial role in our ecosystem. One third of what we eat relies on pollination by bees. That is why Morguard is taking action and including them in our sustainability efforts. We have partnered with Alvéole, urban beekeeping specialists, and incorporated beehives, naturalized gardens, and bee-hotels at our various properties across Canada, so we can have a positive impact on the bee community.

This partnership also has an educational component to it. Companies in our offices are able to take part in workshops highlighting a variety of issues related to the environment while simultaneously learning how to make their own honey.

An additional benefit of the hives is the honey and wax products that are produced every year. The honey and other various products are shared with our partners and the community. This year, three of our properties in the Greater Toronto Area (77 Bloor St W, 65 Overlea Blvd and 200 Yorkland Blvd) were able to donate the products to those in need. 600 jars of honey were donated to the Daily Bread Food Bank in Etobicoke, Ontario and 150 candles, 300 bars of soap and 300 lip balms were donated to The Redwood, a women’s shelter in Toronto, Ontario.

Morguard’s bees initiative is part of our Sustainable Morguard program that focuses on the environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) issues that affect the communities where we operate. To learn more about Sustainable Morguard, please visit