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Morguard Investment Fund II: A Milestone Achievement

Morguard is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of Morguard Industrial Fund II (MIF II), a closed-end fund managed by Morguard Investments Ltd (MIL).

Originally launched in 2010, MIF II attracted a number of institutional investors. Following an investment strategy focused on growing income yields and capital appreciation, we curated a strong, diversified portfolio of Class A assets in several of Canada’s largest cities.

Coinciding with the fund sunset date of November 2023, a strategic divestiture process was initiated in 2022 and concluded successfully in February 2024. The Fund achieved a total net return of 11.1% for our investors, surpassing our initial target return and underscoring our team’s expertise in maximizing investor value.

We appreciate the continued trust of our investors and would also like to thank our financial and legal advisors throughout this journey.