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Morguard Wins race2reduce CREST Awards

​Morguard is pleased to announce that several of our properties have been recognized by the race2reduce CREST Awards for Climate Leadership. These awards are given by BOMA Toronto to promote operational excellence and emission reduction through improved building performance, innovation and unprecedented collaboration between building owners, managers, and tenants. Properties are evaluated based on emission reduction through improved building performance and notable collaboration between owners, managers, and tenants.

Two of Ottawa properties won the Performance Leadership Award in Waste and Water management during the third annual Commercial Real Estate Sustainability Trailblazer (CREST), which celebrated its winners in a virtual ceremony in November.

For the past 30 years, the management team at 1601 Telesat Court has been dedicated to its waste management program. Adhering as closely as possible to the 3R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle, this property became one of the first “green buildings”, setting the standard for decades to come. In 2019, the team at 365 March Road worked with the single tenant, Innovapost, to upgrade all of the washroom fixtures to high efficiency for improved water conservation, including hands-free faucets, auto flush toilets, and low flow urinals.

Race2reduce CREST Awards and Honourable Mentions

Property: ​1601 Telesat Court
​Award: ​Performance Leadership Award
​Category: ​Waste
Subcategory: ​Buildings 100,000 – 500,000 SF
​Property: ​365 March Road and St. Laurent Business Centre, 1400 St. Laurent Boulevard
Award: ​Honourable Mention
Category: ​Waste
Subcategory: ​Buildings under 100,000 SF
​​Property: ​365 March Road, Ottawa
​Award: ​Performance Leadership Award
​Category: ​Water
Subcategory: ​Buildings under 100,000 SF
​​​Property: ​St. Laurent Business Centre, 1400 St. Laurent Boulevard and 586 Argus Road, Oakville
Award: ​Honourable Mention
​​Category: ​Water
​​Subcategory: ​Buildings under 100,000 SF
​Property: ​1601 Telesat Court, Ottawa
​​Award: ​Honourable Mention
​​​Category: ​Electricity
​Subcategory: ​Buildings 100,000 – 500,000 SF