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Intercity Shopping Centre Wins Crest Award

Intercity Shopping Centre is making waves on the sustainability front. Its significant success has been proven by winning the race2reduce Commercial Real Estate Sustainability Trailblazers (CREST) Awards – Emission Reduction Leadership.

This achievement spotlights our commitment to a greener future. Our dedicated team at Intercity Shopping Centre strategically replaced natural gas heaters with energy-efficient electric ones at two main entrances, resulting in a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Replacing natural gas heater with electric heaters had a substantial impact on GHG emissions in the property’s daily operation. This initiative aligns with our environmental stewardship goals, contributing substantially to Morguard’s broader sustainability objectives.

Our involvement in the race2reduce program goes beyond receiving an award. It highlights the sustained dedication of our team in ensuring a sustainable and resilient future for all. Congratulations to the team at Intercity Shopping Centre!