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Morguard Wins 5 ICSC Global Awards

Morguard is pleased to announce that for the tenth year in a row we have been recognized at the ICSC Global Awards. Our centres took home a total of 5 awards, 2 Gold and 2 Silver Visual Victories Awards, and 1 Gold MAXI Award. The ICSC Global Awards recognize marketing, design, development, and retail store design creativity by the world’s best companies and outstanding shopping centre professionals.

“We are extremely proud of these programs and the teams that have been acknowledged for excellence in the shopping centre industry,” said Ed Lincz, Vice President, Retail Property Management, Morguard.

Below is a list of this year’s winners:

ICSC’s Visual Victories Awards program is a visual merchandising competition specifically created for cart, kiosk, and temporary in-line retailers. The annual competition recognizes the outstanding work done by exceptional visual merchandisers, retailers, and specialty leasing agents.

Congratulations to our Visual Victories Award Winners

2022 Visual Victories Award – Gold
Most Creative Temporary Store Design – Out this World
Bramalea City Centre

2022 Visual Victories Award – Gold
Most Creative Pop-Up Store Design – Smash + TESS
Coquitlam Centre

Out This World is an incredibly popular membership, selling the most exclusive streetwear at well-below market value. Its minimalistic design features the current most popular sneakers. Smash + TESS is a Vancouver based clothing retailer known for their “Romper Revolution.” The Coquitlam Centre pop-up features limited edition products and a lounge designed with an Instagram backdrop in mind.

2022 Visual Victories Award – Silver
Most Creative Pop-Up Store Design – Daniel’s Chai Bar
Bramalea City Centre

2022 Visual Victories Award – Silver
Most Creative Pop-Up Store Design – Wag Swag Brand
The Colonnade

Daniel’s Chai Bar started as a café in the heart of Downtown Brampton, before moving to the Bramalea City Centre in 2018. Their signature Lion Chai and sophisticated design have made it a successful location in the shopping centre. Located in the Colonnade, Wag Swag Brand’s luxurious design attracts customers to their variety of pet accessories, including their vegan collection.

Congratulations to our MAXI Award Winner

The MAXI Awards are the premier recognition of excellence, innovation, and creativity, highlighting the retail real estate industry’s most innovative events, programs and technologies that add value to shopping centers and companies around the world.

2022 MAXI Award – Gold
Company < 10K – The Prospecting Project

Morguard’s Prospecting Project was part of Specialty Leasing’s social media strategy that used a combination of B2B and B2C social channels to grow their Specialty Leasing database by 721 prospects during the pandemic and generated new potential leads. 19 Pop-Up tenants were signed in 4 months as a direct result of the new prospects obtained, resulting in a significant increase in additional revenue.

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