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Pine Centre Touted as “Unofficial Clean Air Shelter”

CBC dubbed the Pine Centre mall as the “an unofficial clean air shelter” in an interview with Paulo Branco, Operations Manager of Prince George’s Pine Centre shopping mall. Paulo explained how he and the Pine Centre team upgraded the mall’s HVAC system to purify the air amidst environmental challenges.

To counter the smoke haze in summer months, Paulo introduced carbon filters and air scrubbers within the rooftop HVAC units a few years ago. These filters, infused with activated charcoal, effectively filter out smoke and odors, significantly enhancing air quality. The impact of these measures has been noteworthy, across the mall’s 130 rooftop HVAC units. Paulo’s commitment to improvement has led to the expansion of the initiative over the years. An “extreme weather response plan” was developed, deploying carbon filters during the summer.

Paulo’s leadership and forward-thinking has earned him a REACH Award. An unwavering focus on health and safety, not only for the mall’s visitors but also its 400 employees, demonstrates Paulo and the team’s determination to provide a sanctuary for the community.

Click here to listen to the full interview with Paulo on CBC.