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Seven Oaks Leaves: Art Meets Sustainability

We are excited to share that one of Morguard’s properties, Sevenoaks Shopping Centre, has unveiled a spectacular new piece of artwork “Seven Oak Leaves,” an awe-inspiring art installation by Roger Brenninkmeyer, founder of Plastic Essence Collaborative (PECO).

Crafted from 113 kilograms of repurposed plastic, this remarkable piece embodies our commitment to reducing our ecological footprint. Comprising 12 panels measuring 1.2 meters by 1.2 meters, “Seven Oak Leaves” elegantly captures Abbotsford’s essence and sense of community, including local farms, wineries, Abbotsford International Airport and Sevenoaks Shopping Centre. Within the installation are seven hidden oak leaves, representing the Sevenoaks community.

“Seven Oak Leaves” presented our team with a wonderful opportunity to work with like-minded individuals and organizations who share our vision for a greener future. Through initiatives like Morguard’s OnePlanet program, we’re taking meaningful actions to create a healthier environment in every aspect of our operations.

As well as being a visual masterpiece, this art installation is a symbol of our unwavering commitment to sustainability and a call for everyone to join us on this journey toward a more environmentally conscious future.